Jon Warling

Leasing Agent


About Jon Warling

Jonathan “Jon” Warling is a leasing agent with Luxury Living Chicago. Jon grew up in Northern Minnesota and after graduating with a BA in Communications started a career in Electric Vehicle sales. Jon moved to Chicago in 2018 where he expanded on his luxury automotive background to add renewable energy for homeowners. It was here that Jon got his first taste in real estate from working with families across all of Chicagoland looking to become more energy sustainable.

When not at work you can find Jon trying out new coffee shops and local restaurants, walking along the lake, or doing a walking tour of Chicago architecture. Jon also loves to travel, while the sites are one of the best parts, he loves to try out any and all kinds of new food. If you have any recommendations make sure to let him know!

First Chicago Apartment

My first and only apartment in Chicago (so far) has been in the Edgewater neighborhood. I’ve had the pleasure with my past job of exploring most of Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs, to deliver my customers new electric vehicles and/or transition homeowners to adopt solar energy production.

Favorite Thing About Chicago

My favorite thing about Chicago is that no matter what day of the week, there is always something new to explore or discover.

Quote to live by

My personal goal for this year is to search out and visit the elusive speakeasies of Chicago. Passwords, secret entrances, etc. However, outside of Chicago, one of my bucket list items is to get back to traveling to new cities and countries. As much as I enjoy being a tourist, I love finding ways to get outside of the “tourist” catered parts of a city to experience its culture, while finding that local restaurant that is a neighborhood staple.

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