Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Wellbeing at Luxury Living

Since June of 2020, we have been carrying through on our original commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with efforts that run deep. We have been learning, unlearning, and making changes that align with our company. This evolution means some of the ideas from our original statement have changed.

It’s important to note we started this initiative by asking, “why do we want to do this?” We did not want to come from a purely performative place or meet a moment by checking a box.

Our authentic answer is that we want to be a company that genuinely emphasizes inclusivity and belonging and brings consciousness and love to our business. We want to be an organization that supports professional and personal growth and well-being. We want our company to be a place where everyone feels free to be themselves and bring their whole selves to work.


For us, it’s undoubtedly about being inclusive and inviting others into our company. However, when they arrive, and for those already here, we want them to feel a true sense of belonging.

Wellbeing & Growth

We want to help our employees flourish by supporting work/life integration. Being accountable for work is essential, but it’s also important to set healthy boundaries to engage in life beyond what you do professionally.

We emphasize our team’s personal and professional growth by providing training, learning, and wellness programs to help our team upskill, expand their minds and inspire them to be their best selves.

In our weekly All Hands Meeting, we consistently bring awareness around social activism, wellness, or self-development themes and share small steps each individual can take to have an impact.

DEI Standards

Because we are keen on creating and nurturing strong company culture, we believe our intentions put out a beacon calling all types of people into our organization. With this foundation, we have laid the following standards:

  • Enhancing our hiring practices to increase our team’s diversity. Benchmarks include our language in our job descriptions, where we post our jobs to be viewed by a wider audience, and our process for selecting candidates to be interviewed and hired.
  • Intentionally supporting diverse, minority-owned businesses and organizations locally here in Chicago and nationally. Our dollars, partnership, mentorship, referrals, and time have contributed to organizations like The Goldie Initiative, We Win Foundation, One Hope United, Recipe for Change, Equal Justice Initiative, and others.
  • Ensuring our team is trained on and follows Fair Housing laws and guidelines.

We constantly strive to do more, be better, listen and learn. We are committed to our efforts and practices to continue to evolve.

Editor’s Note: Originally published in June 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.