10 Steps for Securing A Great Chicago Apartment [Check List]

September 2, 2015 | By Amy Galvin
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Successfully securing an amazing Chicago apartment is the result of an organized, focused apartment search experience. If you’re just starting your Chicago apartment search, you’ll want to follow our apartment search checklist.

These 10 steps should result in you finding an awesome new place to live!

Luxury Living Chicago’s Apartment Search Check List:

Step #1 Pick A Drop Dead Move Date: Choose a date you’d like to move by and give yourself a cushion on either end. Being flexible with your move date may provide a wider range of available apartments.

Step #2 Set A Budget: Apartment landlords and management companies require tenants to meet certain financial qualifications, so know what you can afford before you start searching. Learn how to set a budget HERE!

Step #3 Determine Your Ideal Location: Designating a geographical location you want to live in will help streamline your search.

Step #4 Pick Your Must-Haves: Outline your must-haves but be prepared to make compromises when selecting an apartment.

Step #5 Find A Real Estate Professional: Find a good rental broker to help with your search like Luxury Living Chicago Realty. We can save you time and money!

Step #6 Schedule A Tour Date: Pick one day to see several apartments in a row. You shouldn’t need more than a day or two to find a new place.

Step #7 Prepare For Your Tour: There are a few items you should bring on tour. Click HERE to learn more.

Step #8 Take Notes: Take notes including the things you liked best and information helpful in making a decision.

Step #9 Don’t Wait – Apply: Make sure you understand the application process and act quickly when you’ve made a decision so you don’t lose that great apartment.

Step #10 Prepare To Move: Sign your lease, book your mover and enjoy your new apartment.

Think you’re ready to start your search? Click the button below to get our apartment search check list!


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