2021 RoundUp: Our 6 Best Chicago Living Blogs

February 16, 2022 | By Andrew Lemna
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Ready for the Chicago lifestyle? Check out our 6 highest-performing blogs on Chicago living!

Our 6 Best Chicago Living Blogs

1. 10 Companies Headquartered in Chicago

Downtown Chicago is home to the headquarters of some major companies. If you’re interested in sticking around Chicago long term, working at one of these companies can keep you in the city as you grow in your career.

2. Top 5 Apartment Views in Downtown Chicago

These views will blow you away! Take a peek at the top five apartment views that will allow you to soak in Chicago’s beauty.

3. Famous Celebrity Homes in Downtown Chicago

Chicago is home to many celebrities who have purchased property in their beloved Windy City! For a fun read, check out some celebrity homes in downtown Chicago and see where the rich and famous live.

4. Average Square Footage of Downtown Chicago Apartments

This blog covers important subjects for renters including how apartment square footage is measured and the average square footage of Chicago apartments for rent. Understanding the market and how rent and square footage factor together will make you a smart shopper when looking for your next apartment in downtown Chicago.

5. Best Dog Amenities: Finding the Perfect Dog-Friendly Chicago Apartment

There is nothing worse than an apartment that makes it hard to take care of your furry friend! Don’t pick a place that will make owning a pet a hassle. Check out our guide to dog-friendly apartments and find a home that supports your pet.

6. Do I Really Need a Car in Downtown Chicago?

If you are new to the city, this is a big question to ask yourself. You can save a lot of money by not having a car here, but it might make sense to have one depending on your situation. This is a must read if you’re on the fence about bringing your car to Chicago!

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