6 Den Ideas for Small Spaces

July 26, 2022 | By Gabrielle Gresge
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As den apartments grow in popularity, more and more renters are finding clever uses for the extra space. While using the den as an office to work from home might be the most popular option, there are plenty of other creative options for the added room.

Read on for six ideas to get the most out of your den space.

6 Den Ideas for Small Spaces

If you rent an apartment with a den, it’s yours to make your own – but there are a few uses for a den that might be particularly beneficial:

  1. Office space: using a den as office space is a great choice if you live with your partner or just need a designated work space in your apartment. Think of the Zoom backgrounds you could create!
  2. Workout space: by adding a mat, weights and towels, you can create a simple workout-from-home option.
  3. Dining/kitchen prep: depending on your kitchen space and the amount you like to cook, you might opt to use the den as an extension of your kitchen – or as dining space if you have extra guests over.
  4. Creative space: if you’re someone who needs additional space for hobbies or a side-hustle, a den is a great studio for that work.
  5. Guest space: with the addition of a curtain on the door and futon or air mattress, you can convert your den into a space for overnight guests without compromising its everyday use. 
  6. Entertainment space: if you’re trying to cut down on TV time, consider moving your TV to the den, which allows you to keep the space for other purposes while forcing you to be more intentional about screen time. If you’re a gamer, having your gaming set-up in the den will likely have the same effect.

The flexibility of a den also translates into the use of the space: if you’re clever, you can use the space for multiple of the above purposes. For example, adding a futon couch might make for a great personal entertainment space while providing a convertible sleeping option for guests. Similarly, stashing workout gear in well-designed storage ensures you have extra storage space while maintaining the den’s status as your workout-from-home room.

Having a den versus having an additional bedroom allows for space for these purposes without the cost of another bedroom – but needs vary by renter. Your LLCR agent would love to discuss the benefits of each and show you a variety of potential apartments that fit your needs.

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