Behind the Scenes of Luxury Living Chicago: What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

October 28, 2016 | By Amy Galvin
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Welcome to our new blog series “Behind the Scenes of Luxury Living Chicago.” Through these posts, we will offer an inside look at our company and share what it’s like to work at Luxury Living Chicago Realty.

In this post, we asked our Chicago real estate team what they love most about their job at Luxury Living Chicago. Here is what a few of them had to say:

Darrell Scott, Director of Residential Sales:
The problem solving aspect. Each client is different, so it’s always challenging, but rewarding to find them the best property that fits their unique criteria. Then once you’ve found it, seeing the joy it brings them! It’s awesome to be a big part of that excitement. Home is where the heart is, and I’m glad we can be their go-to real estate company.

Axel Cohen, Senior Broker Associate:
I like setting my own schedule, and I like working with people.

Amy Galvin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing:
Working with the awesome team we have been building over the last several years. I love that there are so many ideas and we can work together to make them happen!

Kaitlin Brewer, Graphic Designer:
The people! This is the most talented and passionate team I’ve ever worked with, no question.

Elise Kaufmann, Marketing & Culture Manager:
I love the people and no two days are the same- there are always new challenges!

Travis Smith, Broker Associate:
I enjoy that I am able to treat it as my own business, everyday is different, being out in the city and not at a desk all day, meeting new people, the freedom that comes with it, and of course making money!

Jill Casey, Broker Associate & Account Executive:
Every client is different! Keeps every day interesting and a challenge, which I love!

Mark Ziemke, Senior Project Manager:
I love knowing things about future developments in Chicago that no one else knows about.

Taylor Maggi, Portfolio Marketing Manager:
Collaborating with a talented team and seeing what we can accomplish together.

Tristen Heimann, Director of Residential Rentals:
Getting to experience different spaces and perspectives that most people don’t have a chance to ever see. That’s pretty special to me. Forging relationships with my clients, property management companies and Chicago developers. The problem solving that is involved when helping a client find a new home. When a client is so overjoyed that they found the PERFECT place to live.



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