Here’s a Quick-and-Easy Moving Out Checklist for Renters

March 20, 2018 | By Luxury Living Chicago Team
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Here’s Our Moving Out Checklist for Renters

Moving Day is Coming — Are You Prepared?

If not, no worries. Whether you’re still a couple months out or if moving day is just around the corner, Luxury Living Chicago Realty is here to help. Our apartment moving tips will make your move to downtown Chicago a breeze — no matter what time of year it’s happening.

The first step is to create a plan for your move. We’ve done the legwork for you, so take a look at our handy checklist. Let’s assume the best case scenario: you still have a few months before the big day.

Two Months from Moving Day

  1. Binder. Make a binder with the above checklist being the first page. Put other important documents like itineraries, contracts, receipts, travel arrangements, and more in here.
  2. Valuables. Put important documents like passports, deeds, etc. (as well as any small valuables) into a small, safe container. Keep this box with you on your person when you move.
  3. Backups. Backup important files, photos, and other information on your computer onto a separate drive that you’ll keep with you (or store information in a trustworthy cloud service).
  4. Research. If you’re using a moving company, get quotes from at least three. If you’re doing the heavy lifting yourself, get quotes from truck rental companies. Compare to find the best.
  5. Donate/sell. Look through your belongings and identify what you can sell quickly and easily and what you can donate. Old clothes, unused items, and outdated furniture can go.
  6. Inventory. Create a checklist of important items for each room — furniture, electronics, valuables, decor, etc. Don’t spend time listing smaller items unless they’re important.

One Month from Moving Day

  1. Movers. Pick a moving company and secure their services. Get everything in writing so you’re covered. Only renting a truck? Reserve it now and get any questions answered.
  2. Supplies. Buy or locate free supplies. You can typically get boxes from stores, friends and family, or neighbors, or online hubs like Craigslist, Freecycle, or U-Haul Customer Connect.
  3. Eat up. Eat food that can’t make the move with you. Frozen items and food in your pantry should be consumed or donated.
  4. Layout. Consider how furniture will be arranged in your new apartment and where other belongings should go. Make a diagram so you can guide movers on moving day.
  5. Vehicle(s). If you’re moving from far away, make sure your vehicle is in top shape. Know where you’ll be parking downtown and make any preparations, like getting permits.
  6. Utilities. Contact your providers and let them know about disconnect dates or service transfers. For new providers, schedule service connections.
  7. Prescriptions. Fill any prescriptions and locate doctors and pharmacists in the vicinity of your new apartment. Also, make a note of other emergency service providers.
  8. Arrangements. If you have far to travel, make your travel arrangements as needed: hotel reservations, flights, or routes for long-distance drives.

2 Weeks from Moving Day — Getting Closer…

  1. Address. Update your mailing address with the Postal Service. Make sure to set up forwarding for any mail that gets sent to your old place. Also update it with your bank.
  2. Update. Update your address with any subscription services or deliveries.
  3. Confirm. Ensure all dates are accurate with the property managers/landlords of your current and new homes. Contact your movers to confirm the moving date.
  4. Pack! Make it easy for yourself and pack one room per day. Color code boxes by room. Stack related boxes/furniture together and in a centralized area for movers to easily access.

1 Week from Moving Day — It’s Almost Here!

  1. Clean. Start cleaning empty rooms as thoroughly as possible. Remember, the cleanliness of your current home could affect how much of your security deposit you get back.
  2. Suitcase up. Pack one suitcase for each family member to live out of as everything else in your home gets boxed up. Include medicines, hygienic supplies, and charging cords.
  3. Collect. Get extra keys together that aren’t needed during this last week so that you’ll have everything to give to your property manager or landlord.

It’s Here! Time to Get Moving!

  1. Energize. Whether you’re doing the moving or you have movers to help, you’ll need a lot of energy for today. Eat a good breakfast and make sure you got plenty of sleep.
  2. Inform. Give your movers all the information they’ll need to get to you, load up your belongings, and transport them to the new apartment.
  3. Be prepared. If something doesn’t go quite right, don’t get stressed. Take a moment to figure out what went wrong and how you can resolve it.
  4. Tip your movers. They’ll be working hard for you, so make sure you give them an appropriate tip.

After the Move

  1. Check. Make sure utilities are working properly. If there are any concerns, notify your property manager and the respective utility company right away.
  2. Record. Take pictures and note the property’s condition. You may be asked to do this before moving in. Keep this information during your lease — it may come in handy later.
  3. Lock up. Change locks if permitted by the property manager. Give them a copy of the new key if you do. Make copies for trusted relatives or friends in case you get locked out.
  4. Party! Plan an epic housewarming party and neighbors if you’re comfortable. Enjoy!

Get Ready and Get Going!

Now that you have your apartment moving checklist, you’re well prepared to face moving day with confidence. If you’re just getting started with your home search, why not check out some available apartments now? Or learn more about our process for helping you find the right home for you.

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