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June 22, 2018 | By Maggie Greenberger
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Company culture is a big factor of the “Sunday Scaries” and cases of the Mondays. Does your employer give you a reason to want to come to work beyond a paycheck? Are you walking into an office, where you are warmly greeted by name and eye contact? Do you acknowledge each others birthdays and accomplishments? Do you all stick around after work for a happy hour?

Here at Luxury Living Chicago Realty not only do we understand the importance of Company Culture, but we also embrace it everything single day and thrive to make everyday a good day to have a good day! Everyone is greeted when you walk into the office and will most likely be laughing with their co-workers within five minutes, or catching up on your favorite shows. 

Happy hour will become part of your vocabulary and your weekly plan. Happy hours at Luxury Living Chicago go beyond the after work drink, you can always expect to munch on some snacks and laugh about the crazy day with your co-workers. We love to celebrate holidays and special events, like welcoming new team members, National Pretzel Day, or March Madness. We never miss a chance to celebrate a birthday or life achievement with cupcakes or ice cream, after all we are family. 

Sometimes happy hour just won’t cut it and you need some more action. No problem, we got you covered! Join our summer beach volleyball team the “LLCR Net Effective Renters.” No need to be a pro, you just need to know how to have fun!

While you may not work daily with all of your coworkers at Luxury Living Chicago, you will never feel like you are alone on and island and that is because of our company culture. You are always connected to your co-workers through different chat avenues and the various events both in-house and throughout the city.

When you think of all the factors that make up the perfect job, remember that it’s also about finding a business that does not give you a case of the Mondays. Learn more about what it’s like working at Luxury Living Chicago Realty and explore job listings by clicking the button below to find your fit. 


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