Tips & Tricks: Moving in With Your Significant Other

July 29, 2016 | By JD Eaton
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Taking the plunge and moving in with your significant other? Congratulations, it’s a very big and exciting journey! Here are a few recommended tips for a smooth transition to sharing a downtown Chicago apartment.

#1) Choose Your Furniture 

Before apartment searching, decide together what furniture you’re going to keep, sell or donate. Take inventory of what items you’ll be combining for your new place. It’s always recommended to leave behind huge furniture items like a large dining room table, which can sometimes limit your apartment options. It’s very important the new apartment feels like hers just as much as it feels like his. Meet in the middle when determining furniture.

#2) Open Communication

Together, discuss apartment needs. Rank what’s most important in your new apartment. Ask the following questions, what’s our ideal location? What are we comfortable spending? Are amenities important? Is a larger unit more important than nicer finishes?

#3) Set Closet Expectations

Assess closet needs. With realistic expectations! The majority of city dwellers could all use bigger closets. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Be creative. I highly recommend using the Elfa system at the Container Store. When my boyfriend and I first moved in together, we shared a walk-in closet with one hanging-rod. As shown in the the picture, the Elfa system changed our entire closet. Every nook and cranny is fully functional.

#4) Keep the Clutter Away

It can’t be said enough. Stay organized.

#5) Ask for Help

Luxury Living Chicago Realty’s team of experienced brokers has assisted countless couples in finding the perfect compromise in a new downtown Chicago apartment. Follow the link below and contact us today to get your search started.


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