What Should You Bring to An Apartment Viewing? Learn About the Touring Here

March 30, 2022 | By Andrew Lemna
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What should you bring to an apartment viewing? Find out the answers to popular questions about the apartment touring process below.

What to Bring to an Apartment Viewing

Personal Identification

First and foremost, it’s essential to bring proof of identification.

Realtors and landlords need to confirm for their personal safety that you are the person they’re expecting for the viewing.

Make sure to have a driver’s license or passport with you when arriving to show proof of identification.

Renter’s Paperwork

If you have a feeling you’re going to want to sign a lease on the spot, it doesn’t hurt to bring the paperwork necessary with you!

This includes a filled out application, job history and proof of employment, a letter of recommendation, a credit report, and other tax documents and personal identification forms.

If the apartment is a steal, you’ll want to have everything with you to sign a lease at the viewing so be sure to come prepared.

Payment Method

In addition to all of the renter’s paperwork you’ll need, make sure you bring a check to put down a deposit.

Cell Phone

If you’re not a pen and paper kind of person, having a cellphone with you is essential for taking notes when you go to tour apartments.

As you go along your day of touring, many apartments seem to all mesh together. Taking detailed notes can help ensure that you remember every little detail of each apartment you tour.

Additionally, you can use your cell phone camera to take pictures of each apartment to help narrow down your top picks later, send them to friends and family, or just brag on social media about some of the incredible views that many of the luxury downtown Chicago apartments offer!

Measuring Tape

Lastly, the only other tool you may need is measuring tape.

Measure your furniture ahead of time and know what type of space you’ll need in each room, then be sure it fits how you’d want it in your new space.

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For more information on what you should bring to an apartment showing, you can download our comprehensive apartment tour checklist below.


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