Luxury Living Chicago Offers Consulting Services for Multifamily Developers

September 10, 2015 | By JD Eaton
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Luxury Living Chicago Realty is expanding its services with the creation of AMG Real Estate Advisors, a consulting firm focused on pre-development services and multifamily leasing strategies.

Already engaged for seven multifamily projects in Chicago totaling more than 1,400 units set to deliver between 2016 and 2018, AMG Real Estate Advisors offers a unique perspective for developers at any stage of the development timeline.

Starting with pre-development services, including unit mix, floor plate and floor plan design, amenity programming, and market comparable reporting, AMG Real Estate Advisors works with forward-thinking developers to identify goals and create strategies to help maximize leasing revenue.

“There has never been a resource like this for developers planning multifamily apartments in Chicago,” says Aaron Galvin, Founder/President. “In an increasingly competitive Chicago multifamily arena, AMG Real Estate Advisors provides a distinct advantage with our: unparalleled data set, dynamic team of marketers, urban planners and architects, and extensive experience working with luxury Chicago renters. Our goal is to help developers understand the market from the renter’s perspective to create the best floor plans, property marketing and amenity programming. This is really starting to resonate with developers looking to differentiate their rental buildings.”

Founded in October 2007, Luxury Living Chicago has been consistently recognized as the top luxury rental brokerage in Chicago. The team consists of brokers, leasing agents, and marketing professionals with over 40 years of combined luxury real estate experience. Since 2009, Luxury Living Chicago has been the top rental brokerage for all new downtown lease-ups including Atwater, Parc Huron, 500 N Lake Shore Drive, OneEleven, 73 E Lake, Hubbard Place and AMLI River North.

In 2012, Luxury Living Chicago used the experience gained from providing brokerage services at properties undergoing lease-ups to launch Luxury Living Chicago’s Exclusive Leasing Division. Partnering with multifamily developers and property management companies to staff and execute the lease-up of their new luxury properties. Luxury Living Chicago serves as a best-in-class leasing resource and partner to ensure the most efficient lease-up process allowing property managers to focus on long-term profitability.

To date, Luxury Living Chicago’s Exclusive Leasing Division has overseen the lease-up of eight properties in Chicago, generating more than $9.5 million in revenue for multifamily developers.

Combined, Luxury Living Chicago and AMG Real Estate Advisors offer developers a innovative partner and resource to ensure the successful planning, marketing and leasing of luxury multifamily apartments in Chicago. Sign up below to receive insights, data, and updates about the Chicago apartment market and follow AMG Real Estate Advisors on Linkedin for company updates. 

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