New Fitness Classes at Boutique Gyms

August 5, 2016 | By Lauren Schechtman
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Boutique fitness classes, a popular trend among workout connoisseurs, are a fun and social method of healthy exercise. One important distinction between working out individually and attending these classes is the positive group philosophy that a majority of attendees swear by. Here are 5 popular boutique fitness studios to try in the Chicago neighborhoods:


The name of this exclusive cycling boutique rings familiar in the ears of most. As one of the most popular boutique fitness studios, SoulCycle has maintained its reign in the fitness world for good reason. The 45-minute high-intensity workout can burn up to 700 calories. Each class is equipped with energetic music and a positive reinforcement philosophy to encourage both personal and physical strength.

Location(s): Lakeview, The Loop, Old Town


A well-loved studio that is said to be one of the toughest, Shred415 offers high-intensity 60-minute classes focused on calorie-burning interval training. The fitness classes are comprised of four 15-minute intervals that alternate between treadmill training and weighted plyometrics. Although it is described as being extremely challenged, most users highly recommend it as one can start from any fitness level and still experience the post-class euphoria after every session while building their strength and conditioning abilities.

Location(s): Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Old Town, South Loop

Barry’s Bootcamp

The training studio that helped begin the fitness classes trend in 1998 will be opening its first Chicago location in Fall 2016. Located in River North, this space will hold up to 60 people and includes a fuel bar for nutrition post-workout protein smoothies. Classes focus on a mixture of high-intensity interval training on treadmills with weight and resistance training. Each session is divided between the two elements uniquely, the primary goal being to use the different combinations to “shock” the body into conditioning fitness efficiency.

Location(s): River North

AIR Ariel Fitness

Exercise at AIR Ariel Fitness studio is characterized by colored ribbons that attach to the ceiling and flow to ground, incorporating a blend of yoga, ballet, and pilates in each session. The unique method of conditioning is specifically designed for allowing isolated muscle training. These aerial fitness classes encourage lean strengthening and full body toning.

Location(s): River North, Lincoln Park, West Loop


Enrgi offers a unique combination that emphasizes difficult workouts blended with healthy recovery, incorporating both essential fitness elements into one accessible location. The group classes offer a variety of options such as kickboxing, dance, conditioning, yoga, and strength training. The Recoveri Club acts as a personal masseuse and therapist for full muscle recovery between intense workouts and incorporates the state of the art NormaTec Recovery Technology which uses compression to increase circulation and eliminate soreness. The Recoveri Club at Enrgi is unlimited and included in all memberships.

Location(s): River North


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