Our Complete Guide to Proper Apartment Viewing Etiquette

April 5, 2022 | By Andrew Lemna
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When you go to an apartment showing, you’ll want to make a positive impression. Below are some of our favorite apartment viewing etiquette tips!

Apartment Viewing Etiquette

Schedule an Appointment

Start with scheduling an appointment to view the apartment ahead of time.

When you inquire about seeing an apartment, the landlord or agent will most likely have windows of time set aside for showing the apartment.

If they are flexible with their timing, offer several options with some advanced notice.

Once you lock in a time to view, do not be late! Make sure you’re respectful of the building and agent’s time by showing up ready to view the apartment at the agreed upon time.

Dress for Success

Although there is no formal dress code required, it’s always best to dress nice before heading over to the apartment viewing.

As long as you’re clean, polite, and dressed in appropriate apparel, this won’t be an issue!

Bring the Whole Crew

If you are renting the apartment with roommates or a partner, make sure they are also viewing the apartment with you.

It gives the landlord a full picture of who all will be in the space, and will save them an extra showing if your entire group can view the apartment together all at once.

Treat it like a Museum

When you’re inside the apartment, treat it like a museum.

Don’t start immediately touching everything in sight.

If a door is closed, wait for the agent to open the door.

You’re a guest in their home, so be respectful and stay within the appropriate boundaries.

If you have questions about specific areas or are curious to take a closer look at anything, make sure to ask for permission first!

Follow Up with a Thank You

After the apartment viewing, make sure to thank the landlord or agent for their time.

Provide your contact information and if you feel it’s appropriate, send a follow up text message, email, letter or phone call thanking them for their time.

Viewing an apartment is exciting! There are so many factors to consider when finding your new home, including what to bring and what neighborhood to search in. As long as you follow a few of our tips above, you’ll be in great shape when viewing your next apartment and ultimately finding your new home!

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